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After searching for a vendor, either by name, category, key word, or alphabetically, retail buyers should click on this link to obtain additional wholesale information from the vendor.  Login and complete the steps to generate the request for more info. 
Important Note:
 Only registered retail buyers may submit this request.


Vendors will receive an email notification each time a registered buyer places a wholesale catalog info request, or an order via  A copy is also placed in the vendor's and buyer's inbox.  

Click on MY INBOX at MY ACCOUNT to access your inbox.  We recommend periodic checking of inboxes that you have accounted for and taken action on all items.  It is highly recommended that you print all inbox items and delete them.  In the case of catalog requests, we only save the past two's months requests in our database. 


There are three inquiries available to anyone visiting
EMAIL INQUIRY may be used at any time to contact the vendor via email.
FIND A STORE is to be used by shoppers/consumers who are looking for a retail store near where they live that carries the vendor's products.
FIND A REP is to used by retailers looking for the vendor's sale representative that covers the retailers location.  


Lines Wanted is another great feature of  It provides an online forum for sales reps to seek product lines to represent.  For a very nominal fee of $60.00 for 30 days, sales reps or agencies may place ads to solicit lines to represent.

To place an ad, go to  or use this link:


Once you are a registered member of, you will gain access to the key areas reserved for members by simply logging in with your username and password.   It's very important that you enter your username and password exactly as originally submitted.  These are both case sensitive, i.e. the use of upper and lower case letters must be identical each time you login.

Forget your password?  Go to and enter the email address you used when you registered.


To access the directory vendors, use the Search box on home page.  You must start here if you plan on requesting catalogs, placing orders or submitting inquiries.


This is the hub of  Most importantly, it's the jumping off point to the Main Directory where buyers look for vendors, request catalogs, place orders and submit inquiries.  

Check Your Inbox
 is a common destination for buyers reps and vendors to check for catalog requests, orders and inquiries.  It's highly recommended that vendors check their inbox at least once daily during normal business days.

Modify Your Profile
 is discussed in detail above.   Again, this is an important area for vendors.  It is here that they can change vital information on their business, a description of their current product line and any current promotions that they may be offering.


Log in and go to MY IMAGE anytime you need to update the image for your listing or, if you are a buyer, for your store.  Your image will not upload if it exceeds the size requirements as stated in the following table:


WIDTH (pixels)

LENGTH (pixels)


Buyer Image




Newsletter Ad




Reps Wanted Ad 250 250 50
Featured Vendor Image 250 300 50
Vendor Directory Image 288 312 50
Resource Directory Image 288 312 50


A Full Service offers a fully functional shopping cart feature that allows you to upload your price list and photos.  Use of this feature is optional>

To use this feature, you will need to upload your price list.  You may use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.XLS) file or a comma separated value (.CSV) text file for the upload.

You can enter (or paste from your computer file) your Stock Numbers (sku's), Description, and Price (wholesale), and Image url's to the file.

If you use XLS file (Excel) you must use the default name for the worksheet "Sheet1". The upload/import will fail if you do not do this. The worksheet name is usually in the lower left corner. It if is not titled "Sheet1" then double click it and fix it.

If you continue to have problems with XLS (Excel) files, you can save your XLS file as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file and upload the CSV.  It is a more forgiving file format than Excel.

  • There are five "Columns Headers"(Top Row) for the file, in order:
    • ProductID, SKU, Product Name, Unit Price, Image Link. 
    • Make sure the column names do not have extra spaces before or after.
  • Image Links:
    • Images must be hosted on your own server.
    • Make sure to put the "http://" for all images links.
    • If no image, put "none" (all lower case).
  • Leave the first column (ProductID) blank, it is not used.

Excel (.XLS) Example:

ProductID SKU Product Name Unit Price Image Link
  100 Widget $4.00
  DSSP120 120 Starter Pack  $15.00 none
  DS120RF 120 ct. Refill $20.00 none
  T-Shirt-W White T-Shirt S/M/L/XL/2XL $9.00
  T-Shirt-B Brown T-shirt S/M/L/XL/2XL $9.00

CSV (Text) File Example:

ProductID,SKU,Product Name,Unit Price,Image Link
,DSSP120,120 Starter Pack ,$15.00,none
,DS120RF,120 ct. Refill,$20.000,none
,T-Shirt-W, White T-Shirt S/M/L/XL/2XL,$9.00,
,T-Shirt-B,Brown T-shirt S/M/L/XL/2XL,$9.00,


Character literals SKUs and numeric formats SKUs are not compatible with each other in the database. Although the products database can handle both character and numeric formats for the SKU, it can't do it on the same upload.

For example, 'RED', 'RED 101', and '101' are all character literals and have quotes around each when stored; whereas 5001 is a numeric format and does not have the single quotes and therefore has different properties than a string in the database.

If your Excel (.XLS) or Comma Separated Values (.CSV) file contains both numerals (numeric formats) and letters (character literal formats) in the SKU field, you will need to separate them into two files, one with SKU's that are all numbers, and another file with SKU's that are a mix of numbers and letters. 

Then upload each file separately at the my products import wizard.

Make sure to uncheck "Delete existing products" option box when uploading second file. Otherwise, your products will be combined into one file in our database.

Example Procedure for Updating Both Character Literal and Numeric SKUs:

Upload SKU Type SKU Example Notes
First Upload Numeric Format 101 Leave "Delete Existing Products" checked.
Second Upload Character Literal Format RED 101 Make sure to uncheck "Delete Existing Products."

Always make sure to save your master products file (.CSV or .XLS) on your computer and as always pleaseremember where you saved it!

We suggest using a master .XLS or .CSV and updating the entire list as needed instead of trying to just append your current list of products since we offer no way to currently update or edit any products online. By updating from your master, updating is actually quite easy to do.


Anytime a vendor, buyer or sales rep wants to change the information they have previously entered, they can accomplish this by logging in and selecting MY PROFILE at MY ACCOUNT.

Essentially, you are modifying the information you entered when you registered.  Select the category where need to make changes and re-enter information that needs to be changed.  After making your changes, click Update.


Vendors can go to MY SERVICES at MY ACCOUNT anytime they want to check the status of their listing or ads (Featured Vendor Image, Newsletter Ad, Reps Wanted Ad, Category Ad).


We continually strive to make as user friendly as possible.   The main jumping off point is the Search block on the home page where users can access all the vendor/lines profiles in the Main Directory. has public areas (e.g. Services, Reps Wanted, Lines Wanted, Shows, Industry Resources, and Main Directory) that anyone can go to without being a member or logging in.  MY ACCOUNT controls the private or controlled areas of will prompt users to login to gain access to registered accounts and the wholesale side of the site.. knows whether you are a registered rep, buyer or vendor when you log in.  For example, will not permit vendors,
for obvious reasons, to request catalogs from other vendors.


Registered buyers may place wholesale orders by clicking Place Wholesale Order on the vendor's profile.

You will be prompted to login.  After login, simply follow the steps in the order process, clicking  btn_search1.gif (1120 bytes) to proceed to the next page.  NOTE:  Not all vendors use the GreatRep shopping cart.  In these cases, you will get 0 Items loaded or be directed to the vendor's website page dealing with wholesale.

Use the SHORTCUT box if you already know the SKU (stock number).  In the box, type the SKU of the item and hit btn_search1.gif (1120 bytes) to pull the item up.   Assuming the correct item is pulled up, click on the item SKU in blue to enter the quantity you want to order.  If the wrong item is pulled up, hit the Back button on your browser and re-enter your selection or search the item pages.

At the ADD TO CART page, enter the quantity to order.  When you enter the quantity to order, you also need to indicate any choices available for the item, e.g. colors, frame choices, etc.  If you want the vendor to ship you the Best Choice or you want the item As Shown in the vendor's printed catalog, check the appropriate circle.  The default is Best Choice. 

If, however, you want to specify a choice, select the open circle and enter your choice in the box provided.  Note: You will have the opportunity to review your order before you check out.

After entering quantity and choice, click Add to Cart.   You will be taken back to the previous SELECT ITEM listing where you can add the next item.   Or you can click on Add Items to return to the original SELECT ITEM listing.

Continue in this manner until you have finished ordering all items.  Then click Review Order (you can do this at anytime to see how your order is progressing).

If you review your order and it is correct, click Submit Order. If you forgot an item, click Add Items.   If you made a mistake on quantity ordered for any item, enter the correct quantity and click Recalculate.  If your choice is incorrect, uncheck the item and click Add Items to re-enter the item with the correct choice.

When you click Submit Order, you are asked to choose if this is a first order or re-order.  Select the appropriate response in the drop down menu and click NEXT.

The next page asks for Method of Payment.   Select your response in the drop down menu and click NEXT.

The next page asks for credit card information if you selected credit card for payment.  If not, you will go directly to the page asking when to ship your order.  Use the drop down menus for Month and Day to specify your ship date.  Also, you can add comments here, e.g. "Need in time for November 15 Open House".

When you click NEXT, you will have completed your order.  You will know you have completed the order correctly when you get a Thank You acknowledgment stating that a copy of your order has been placed in your Inbox.   You can then check your Inbox to verify that the order has been completed and sent to the vendor.


All vendors, buyers and sales reps must register before they can use  Registration is FREE for buyers and sales reps.  Vendors, on the other hand, must select and pay for the type of listing they want.  Click here to find out more about the different levels of listings.

Registration begins at the home page,   Under New Visitors Sign In at the top of the page, click on buyer,vendor or sales rep, as appropriate.  Complete the form as requested.  You will be asked to enter a Username. You should select an easy to remember word or name of at least 6 characters in length.  The username is case sensitive, i.e. if you use upper and lower case letters in your username, you must remember to use them exactly the same way when you login as a member.  For example, if you type in a username of robinhood, you cannot login typing Robinhood or ROBINHOOD 

If the username you selected has already been used, you will receive an error message advising you that it is not available.  Simply press the "Back" button on your browser and try again with another username.

Now enter your Password and Birth City as instructed.  For convenience, your password can be the same as your username.  Then click on check mark box for Yes, I have read, understood and agree to be bound to all the Terms and Conditions.

To complete registration, click Finish.  You should receive a "Thank you for registering with".


Reps Wanted is another great feature of  It provides an online forum for vendors to seek sales representatives.  For a very nominal fee of $60 for 30 days ($75.00 if you add an image), vendors may place ads to find sales reps.

To place an ad, go to Services or use this link: