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Premium Listing

Name Yes Yes
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Description Yes Yes
Searches Yes Yes
Promotions No Yes
Terms No Yes
Listing Image No Yes
Active Website Link No Yes
Active Email Link No Yes
Wholesale Requests No Yes
Orders Online No Yes
Trade Shows Attending No Yes
Facebook Link No Yes
Shopping Cart w/images No Yes
Price FREE $60/YEAR

Vendors can reap maximum benefit for themselves and their customers by signing up for the Full Service Listing. When new vendors sign up, they receive an extra bonus mailing of our weekly newsletter to over 12,000 buyers! 

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Industry Resources Listings

Register here for a listing in the Industry Resources Directory. Unlike the Main Directory, the Industry Resources Directory is in the public area of and does not require a login to access the directory. Paid listings in the Industry Resources Directory are for one year.

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Enhanced Listing


We recommend you sign up for the Enhanced listing. It has active email and Web links, room for an image, and other information.

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Reps Wanted Ad

One of the great features at is the Reps Wanted Ad. We have over 2,000 sales reps currently registered at, and they receive our email notices three or four times a month to remind them to check the ads. We recommend you take out a 30-day ad periodically to seek new reps. Ads are $75.00 for 30 days and include the option of adding an image.

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Newsletter Ad

Another powerful way to promote your company is with the Newsletter Ad. We currently email a newsletter once a week to over 12,000 registered buyers. The newsletter is used to introduce new vendors. Registered vendors, however, may place an ad at the top of the newsletter.

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Featured Vendor Image

Also, get noticed immediately with a Featured Vendor Image. We place your image right on the home page, the doorway everyone enters at We will run your image from 15 days at a time, and we limit the number of images to 5 to insure maximum exposure.

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Category Ad

When buyers are looking for products, they search the directory by category, e.g. candles, tabletop, furniture, etc. By placing a Category Ad, a vendor will be featured in a special ad at the top of the search results. The ad contains the vendor name and a description. Clicking on the vendor name takes the buyer directly to the vendor's directory listing. Vendors may place a Category Ad in one of the two categories they have currently selected for their listing. Cost is $30 for 30 days.

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Lines Wanted Ad

For independent reps and rep agencies looking for lines, we offer the Lines Wanted Ad. Each time an ad is posted, we email all our registered vendors to notify them of reps looking for lines. A 30-day ad is $60.00.

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