Tip of the Day


The phrase, "build it and they will come", doesn't work on the Internet.  What counts on the Net is how may buyer eyeballs you can get to focus on your company.  And, after getting their attention, it then becomes a matter of "steering them" to place an order.

First and foremost, your Full Service Listing will not produce results if you do not promote the fact that buyers can order your product on-line at www.GreatRep.com. 

One common mistake Full Service vendors make is that they do not promote GreatRep.com with an active link on their websites, many of which are retail sites with no link for wholesale buyers. 

Placing a link on your website takes about one minute for you or your webmaster to do.  Click here to get the link: http://www.greatrep.com/links.asp.

Another way to benefit from your Full Service Listing is to get the word out to your existing customers!  They already know your line, so placing a reorder at GreatRep.com is both easy and more convenient than via phone or fax. 

Also, put stickers on or imprint your catalogs, order forms and invoices with "Order Online at GreatRep.com".

Not only is promoting ordering on-line at GreatRep.com very important, but you also need to keep your price list current at GreatRep.com.  Any time you add/delete items, change prices, etc, you need to reload your price list spreadsheet.  See Help for how to upload your price list. 

We also recommend that you set up a stock keeping unit (sku) system for your products using all numbers as much as possible.  See tip: http://www.greatrep.com/tip-sku.htm.

And last, but by no means least, you should know how to navigate GreatRep.com, e.g. how to get around the website, request catalogs, place orders, and submit inquiries.  For a crash course, click this link:: http://www.greatrep.com/tip-learnhow.htm.

If you encounter problems with your Full Service Listing, please let us know.  You are our "platinum" customers and you more than deserve our full service!

Thanks for your support.