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Tip of the Day


We strongly recommend you qualify the leads you receive from GreatRep.com, in the form of catalog requests, orders or inquiries, so you know who you are doing business with. 

Here are some telltale signs of questionable leads:
Incomplete information, e.g. number of stores, years in business.
Store type doesn't fit your product.
Questionable address, tax number, etc.

You should make contact with questionable leads to establish a legitimate request.  You might ask for more information about their store and the merchandise they carry via a faxed or emailed form (see example).  Or you can pick up the phone and do essentially the same thing.

We wish we could guarantee that all your GreatRep.com leads are legitimate and they all result in sales.  But we all know that is not possible in every case.  However, by working together to maintain high standards, we know everyone will benefit.

Thanks for your support.