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Tip of the Day


Change is a constant in our businesses, and it's extremely important to note the changes so our customers are not misled by incorrect or outdated information.

We've noticed that some of you have changed addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, order terms, even company names - yet these changes are not made to your listing in the www.GreatRep.com Main Directory.

Please take a minute to review your profile information that is posted in your directory listing.  Simply login and click on MY PROFILE.  This will bring up all the information you entered when you registered.  If you forgot your login, click here.

Make any changes to the information in your profile.  One critical item is the email address you have listed.  Make sure it's the official email address you want to use to receive all email from GreatRep.com.

After making your changes, click on the Update button.  This will post your changes.

You can check to see if your changes were posted by returning to MY ACCOUNT and clicking on the MAIN DIRECTORY.  Look up your listing in the directory to check your posted information.  Return to MY PROFILE to make any further changes/corrections.

Thanks for your support.