Consumer Sign In

As the Web has evolved, many vendors now catalog their products on their on-line websites.  Plus, these websites, more often than not, involve selling at retail.

As a way of further promoting our vendors, we are allowing consumers the opportunity to shop retail via the Main Directory.

Please follow these simple steps to register as a consumer buyer. 

1.  Bring up the registration form.  Click here.

2.  For Store Name, enter your name (e.g. Jane Doe), and continue filling in the form.

3.  In the Owner(s) or Parent Co block, enter none.

4.  In the Year Started Business block, enter 2010.

5.  In the Number of Stores block, enter 0.

6.  In the Store Type drop down menu, select General Gift.

7.  In the Retail/GST/VAT Tax Number block, enter consumer.

8.  Complete the username, password and birth city blocks.  Then click on Register.

9.  Review the information, enter a check in the Yes check box at the end, then click Finish.

10.  Upload or bypass loading an image.